Rental Agreement

  1. I AGREE TO PAY the University store the replacement cost (used price) plus a $5.00 fee for any rental items that are not returned by the last day of the academic term, or that are returned in unsalable condition (as determined by the University Store). I agree to pay 25% of the used price for each book returned with minor damage not previously identified. I authorize the University Store to charge these charges to my student account.
  2. I am responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the rented materials.
  3. I am responsible to ensure the proper return of my rental materials by the due date.
  4. The Textbook Refund Policy and dates apply to my rented materials.
  5. Rental materials can be purchased through the end of the first block with the rental fee being applied to the purchase price. After the end of the first block, I agree to pay the current used price without the rental fee being applied. Rental materials purchased during the second block do not qualify for a rental fee refund.
  6. Highlighting and writing in rented books is permitted. However, if returning for full refund, the book must be in the original condition when purchased. If New purchased or rented books have been written in, highlighted, or damaged, they will be returned/refunded at the used book price. Please refer to the “New Book Conditions” section in the Textbook Refund Policy.
  7. The University Store is not responsible for reminding me of the rental return deadline.
  8. All components of textbook bundles must be returned together.
  9. I understand and agree to these rental terms and refund policy.

Online-Only Students

  1. The University Store will email instructions to your campus email address and provide a shipping label to return the rental books prior to the end of the semester.
  2. Online Rentals only available in the United States
  3. Returned rental books must be post marked by the Tuesday following the last day of rental return/buyback.
  4. Rentals received with a post marked date after the stated day above will be considered as a buyback or a donation depending on our need of the individual book.
  • Students who are off-track and taking online classes do not qualify as an “Online-Only student” and will not be provided a shipping label. The deadline to ship books back is still as stated above.